Nutkin Navy

A free company on Excalibur

About Nutkin Navy

Nutkin Navy is a FFXIV free company on the Excalibur server. We started as a simple group of friends on Lamia in 2015 under the name "Homeless", and grew into a small community of players. We believe in helping each other, being friendly, and having fun, while trying to be the best we can be.

Joining Us

We are currently recruiting players of any experience level and playstyle, including brand new players. To join, please send a tell to the fc leader or any senior member.


We do not have an FC raid team and are not a raid-focused FC, however members are welcome to establish or join one, and are encouraged to ask other FC members to join them in groups.


Our FC house is ward 6 plot 7 of the Goblet.


We moved!

We're on Excalibur now! but you already knew that if you're in here.


Current projects

  • Gil for FC house and submarines
  • Stockpiling materials for airships/submarines

Materials Required

  • GC seals: coke, borax, raziqsap, scheelite, aqueous whetstone
  • Gathered: darksteel, adamantite, all diadem ores+logs, silver, electrum, cobalt, spruce

Members and ranks

FC Leader

  • Aurora Solcatcher / Cuddle Toy / Winter Plushie

Senior Members

  • Arashi Hayashi
  • Fool Coyote / Tiny Fool
  • Kai Saioya
  • Kagura Embersoul


Anyone not included in the above lists. These are generally members who are new to the FC or who do not play the game very much. Any member who remains in the FC for a while, follows the rules, is active, helps the FC, and keeps with the spirit of the FC as determined by the fc leader and officers will eventually be promoted.


Last updated: 2017 May 23

In summary: Be respectful of other players, help each other if you can, and keep a safe environment.

If you have any questions about these rules, disagree with a rule, or wish to report a member for breaking them, speak with the FC leader.

These rules are subject to change at any time. If they are changed, a notice will be posted on the in-game FC board. When possible, the change will be summarized on the in-game board as well.

Anything not covered in these rules will be solely handled by the FC leader, with advice from the officers.

Company Chest

The company chest is divided into three tabs, each of which is dedicated to a specific purpose.

  • Tab 1: Transferring items between players/chars/alts or temporary storage.
  • Tab 2: Items in this tab are available for use by any member for their own use or for FC use. However, please be considerate—do not remove an entire stack just to sell, or take materials repeatedly without also giving something back.
  • Tab 3: Officer-only, access to this tab will be given on an as-needed basis.
  • Gil+Crystals: Transferring gil or crystals between players/chars/alts.

Access to the FC chest may be temporarily limited for new members.

FC Actions/Buffs

  • Most members may purchase and activate FC actions.
  • To prevent waste of FC credits, only officers may remove FC actions.
  • If you are unsure which action should be used to wish for a different one than is currently active, speak with any officer.

Gardens, flowerpots, and chocobo stable

  • The FC garden and flowerpots are primarily to grow items for the FC.
  • If no items are needed by the FC, other members may use them with permission from an officer.
  • Access to gardens may be temporarily limited for new members.
  • The chocobo stable is available for use by all members.
  • The FC will provide you with krakka root if you also train other members' chocobos.

Crafting and workshop

  • Nutkin Navy itself does not offer crafting services, however many members do. If you need a crafter, just ask.
  • If you wish to craft something that requires use of an FC workshop, speak with the FC leader or an officer.
  • Occasionally, the FC may obtain valuable items from an airship voyage, an FC crafter, or similar. When these items are distributed, priority is given to those who have a greater need for the item, and those who have contributed more to the FC.
  • If you need an item that is only available from airship voyages or other FC-only content, ask the fc leader. We sometimes already have them.


FC chat is intended to be a safe environment for all players. Most topics are allowed, provided you are respectful towards others. However, please keep the following in mind:

  • Limit drama: while constructive debate is fine, if you have a problem with another member, please keep it out of fc chat. If you are unable to resolve your problem you may ask an officer or fc leader for help, however keep in mind that doing so may result in punishment to one or both parties if the FC rules have been violated.
  • Harassment is prohibited. In chat, this means you may not insult another's race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political orientation, or otherwise make comments intended to make another person feel unwelcome. You also may not threaten other members, spam, promote RMT, or use excessive vulgarity. This applies to both a player's in-game character and the real person.
  • No griefing. Anything intended to harm another person or prevent another person from performing an action is included.
  • Parsing is allowed by the FC provided it is not used to harrass or cheat.
  • Listen to any warnings given by an officer or FC leader.

FC Image

While a member of Nutkin Navy, the FC name is displayed alongside your own, and thus you represent the public image of the FC to other players. As such, please ensure that your actions in public do not portray the FC in a negative light.


There are no restrictions on alt characters. They will be given the same rank as your main, and all your characters will be promoted/demoted in unison.

Leaving, and returning members

  • When temporarily leaving the FC for any reason, please notify an officer of the reason for your departure and how long you expect to be gone.
  • Members who leave while in good standing are free to return at any time.
  • Members who leave while NOT in good standing, or who are kicked for violation of these rules, will be handled by the fc leader on a case-by-case basis.


Enforcement of these rules is done by the FC leader, or by the highest-ranking officer currently online.

Punishment for breaking any of the above rules may include, but is not limited to: verbal warning, temporary or permanent loss of rank or privileges, or dismissal from the FC. In most cases, the first violation of a rule will only result in a verbal warning, however this depends on the severity of the violation and the current status of the members involved.